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Location : Ludhiana

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Sizes : 2000-8500 Sq. Ft.

Status : Under Construction

Ireo Waterfront

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    Just minutes away from the city centre of Ludhiana, this is a complete town planned along the lines of the best In the world. With a glittering lake at its centre, its sound planning reflected in beautiful layouts, green environs, clean water and air, while cutting edge technology assures efficient functioning of all systems. Designed to take the hard work out of urban living, this is a town that works for you. Day after day.

    Ireo Waterfront derives its name from the picturesque lake of sparkling water that lies at its centre, with pedestrian piers and peaceful embankments. Well-laid out pathways lead to residential neighborhoods with integrated parks and leafy avenues. An upscale clubhouse complex, a commercial plaza, a business park and a vibrant community centre overlook the waters of the lake. The 27m wide Waterfront Driveway forms the central spine of the city, linking spaces meant for work, entertainment, leisure and living. Ireo Waterfront is truly a city where sky, water, trees and space have been optimally organized to suit the populace. 

    Design ideas at Ireo Waterfront have been guided by environment concerns to create buildings best oriented to the climatic conditions of Ludhiana. These include shaded terraces, high ceilings, ample cross ventilation, deep overhangs on doors and windows. Added to this are efforts to maximise rainwater harvesting, water recycling, storm water and waste management treatment systems.

    Homes have been designed with your every need in mind. Residential options across town range from a choice of villas and single family units to apartments in a variety of settings. Each, conceived and constructed with care to make you feel completely at home. 3 to 6 bedroom units ranging from 2,000-8,500 sq. ft. are crafted for efficient use of space. An enhanced sense of openness is provided via high ceilings, full height corner bay windows, glass sliding doors that open onto gardens that have low boundary walls. Built with quality materials and finishes, equipped with top line amenities and security systems, and maintained by the best professionals in the business. Your dream home - it certainly is at Ireo Waterfront.

    Key Facts

    500 acres | ~ 1,928 residential units launched to date since March 2010

  • Price List

    Price List

    Type Size (Sq. Ft.) Basic Sale Price
    Available on Resale
    Price List
    EDC/IDC Rs. 156/- Sq. Ft.
    IFMS Rs. 50/- Sq. Ft.
    Preferential Location Charges (PLC)
    1st Rs. 100/- Sq. Ft.
    2nd Rs. 150/- Sq. Ft.
    3rd Rs. 200/- Sq. Ft.
     Cheque in favour of "Ireo Waterfront Private Limited"
    For any queries, please feel free to call us at +91 8470930121

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